Super Driver

Superdriver by Sir John Whitmore

Super Driver001

It was 1990 and I had just taken up go kart racing as a hobby. I had a passion for it and wanted be as good at it as I could be, but I had a disadvantage. The kart’s brake pedal was on the left and I couldn’t left-foot brake. I’d always used my right. My left was useless and I kept locking the rear brakes and spinning out and finishing last.

I bought the book, “Superdriver” from a race parts catalog off an advertisement in that spoke of “exercises for high concentration, high-performance driving.” Exactly what I was looking for. I started using the techniques and exercises right away to teach my left foot to be as good as my right.

My daily drive at the time was a blue 1984 Dodge Omni, an automatic. So one Saturday I hopped in and decided to I would only use my left foot to brake from then on when I drove it. I pulled out of my driveway and rolled through the neighborhood. I stopped halfway into the intersection at the first stop sign and ten feet short at the next. Luckily no one else was out as I lurched and jerked through the neighborhood, my left foot lunging at the brake pedal, the sensations completely unfamiliar to me. It seemed odd to me that braking with the other foot felt like a foreign act to me even though the other foot did it all the time.

But, as I wound my way through the neighborhood and out into traffic, it got better. I could stop at the stop line with barely a lurch. As I did it over time, in the days and weeks ahead, it gave me a distinct advantage over the other racers, the one who hadn’t read this book.

By 1992 the difference showed!

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