Just Ten Minutes

It’s just five minutes of writing, five minutes of editing, and I’m ready to present it to you. The smell of fresh bread drifts in the close air of my study, unmistakable, impossible to ignore. The secret is… Do you want to know? It’s not ten minutes.

More like twenty: First the front-end, creating the document, titling it, saving the file; then typing the words, writing the story, listening to the voices; then the back-end, editing the beast!

Despite temptation, always start at the beginning. This seems a minor step, easy to miss, insignificant even. But essential, nonetheless. The experts say the secret is to just keep writing. Writing, writing, writing, writing, writing…

“And still the alarm never sounds, no matter the depth he sinks to, the depravity he indulges in. No matter, he never seems to hit bottom. On the surface, he seems stoic, but deep down he’s thinking of only himself. Another pathetic self-love junkie.”