Gym Snark – III

My gym has what they call a cardio-cinema room. That’s where I work out. I find it has several advantages over the rest of the entire gym. One, it has the machines I like (and there are only a few of those). Two, it’s a “cinema” so it’s dark. And when it’s dark, nobody can see you sweat. Right? And, three, there’s always a movie playing!

Today it was Mission Impossible III with Philip Seymour Hoffman and that other guy. Cruise-something? Tom, maybe? Anyway, the late Mr. Hoffman was amazing. As he was in everything.

But there was one part of the movie I found odd and that was a ten-minute sequence of wild machinations necessary to sneak an agent into St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome. The thing that annoyed me about it (the root of the snark, if you will) was that (as the photos below will show you ) sneaking in to St. Peter’s isn’t actually that difficult. I mean, it’s a church. Churches generally invite people in. It’s sort of their stock in trade.

Anyway, sneaking into St. Peter’s is really easy. It doesn’t take Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt. Any jerk can do it (as the last photo will prove)!

Still, the movie was enjoyable and perfect for sweating to for thirty minutes!


Let me help you understand what I’m talking about. Look at the landmarks. They are as numerous and as old as Rome itself.

There’s the particular shape of the piazza. While not unique, distinctive enough to be easily recognizable.

St. Peter's from the Dome


There’s the relative positions and orientation of the dome and the piazza to each other. And there’s the scale of the place. It’s huge!

St. Peter's

The final landmark is one of the highest points you can get to on the dome.  Just above the statues of the Christ and the Apostles.  

Somewhere lost in time *sigh* there exists a series of color photos taken by some US Navy lunatic hanging over the edge, holding the rail with one hand, shooting up at the feet of the statues with the Canon AE1 camera in the other.

St. Peter's Dome

But at least this photo survived.

St Peters Rome Navy 1982
1982 – A fresh-faced boy



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  1. I tried to watch this movie. Oh,is it a long one! Maybe I wasn’t in the mood for it. I could easily work out to it though for 30 minutes. That’s nice you have that option! That’s a great photo of you at the end.

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