First Thoughts

They aren’t always what you think.

My first thought upon witnessing my son punch a classmate this evening when I picked him up? I wondered what it felt like to do that? Because if I did it as a child, I don’t remember.

The time I do remember was in Fifth grade. My friends dared me to pick a fight with someone, anyone, so I walked up to the fattest kid in my class, Mandy Darton, and punched him in the stomach as hard as I could.

It was weird, because I felt like hit him pretty hard. If you’ve ever done it or had it done to you, you know what it feels like. There’s a weight, a mass a body has, the firmness of it. So I hit him pretty hard.

He didn’t even react. Except to counter with a right to my midsection that felt like a mule kick, knocking the wind out of me and dropping me to my knees in the dirt.

I’ve never punched anyone since.


2 thoughts on “First Thoughts

  1. Oh, boys are boys! I guess it’s really not an easy situation, but probably it happens with every boy in this world! The most important that such a situation should be properly justified! It’s your task, Jim, you should teach your son! Lovely parent’s world! You know it still seems sweet!

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