The Matmos, excerpt

The matmos was invented years ago for the veterans of The War, the men and women badly mangled by the clenched fist and trigger finger of political whim. Rather than mandatory euthanasia because they had nothing productive to offer to a war-ravaged society, these veterans were given a chance to live, a chance to be productive, the chance to do something. All because of the matmos.

The secret of the matmos lie in the peculiar way in which its cellular nervous system worked and how it was able to “reach out” to and connect with electrical signals, especially the human nervous system, and connect them to other electrical signals such as those controlling robotic assembly machines. This characteristic of the matmos was discovered quite by accident but it was an accident with profound effect. The matmos’ particular affinity for the human nervous system was a result of genetic evolution and early human cloning experiments conducted years before the wars.


Marge wasn’t thinking about the history of the matmos as she lay spread-eagle on the bed in Tony’s bedroom. Her scalp tingled from some effect of the hat Tony had placed on her head and her eyes followed the black cable running from the hat to what appeared to be a blue wash cloth in Tony’s hand. He smiled as he gently placed the wash cloth between her legs.
“Lie back, baby. You’re going to enjoy this.” He pressed harder between her legs and she felt the blue wash cloth thing quiver and come to life.

She arched her back reflexively, thrust her hips up and moaned. No thought percolated in her mind, her consciousness seemed distant, watching the matmos as it performed. Towering thunderheads, pregnant and roiling, threatened to split the black sky of her soul wide open.


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