Conrad, (excerpt 6)


The Company Termination Order appears on his display and Conrad jots down the names in his notebook as quickly as he can. He’s seen CTOs before but never one with this many names. Twenty, maybe thirty names. Names Conrad has no recognition of until the point of his pencil snaps as he writes: “Conrad White.” The fingers of his left hand stumble over the keypad and his green status light begins to blink, about to flash yellow, alerting a Surveyor. Conrad takes a deep breath and reads slowly, “Conrad White, Sector ///-/, Overlord Companion.”

Terror wells up in Conrad’s mind and he attacks his keypad with both hands, turning his status light solidly green. Conrad knew an unfortunate worker was usually listed on a CTO with his job description. But Conrad worked in the Company’s Data Transcription section. What his exact job title was even he wasn’t sure since the Company moved workers around and changed job duties so often it was impossible to keep track. And Conrad realized it didn’t matter because he, like thousands and thousands of others were simply workers, working for The Company, how the Company chose to describe the menial jobs they did, was of no consequence. But this CTO listed Conrad’s extra duty as Overlord Companion and that was very unusual. In fact, being the Overlord’s Companion was something that was barely spoken of, much less written about in an official Company transmission.