I was thinking about time and timers. Specifically an egg timer. White, digital. Beeps where you set it. Five minutes for dishes, twenty minutes for writing, twenty for drumming. Keeping schedule. Regular and mechanical. Versus incense and fire, elemental, spontaneous.

And does the timer affect the time or is it merely the suggestion that does the trick, if it can be called a trick, if you forgive the phrasing, that makes one passing of time more agreeable to me than another? Certainly there is some quality that matters. The search continues.

And it seems to me, I think, topical to bring this up now, when humankind has again proven Einstein right, and seen the evidence of naturally occurring warps in time and space!


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  1. Tania Tome de Castro

    Thanks for including the link with explanation about gravitacional waves. This is not my area of research. So I am collecting informations tô understand it better.

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