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If slow Internet is the problem:

Before 1-30-2016 PM WIFI

This sumbitch is the solution:

Actiontec moCA Router

I swear, literally Plug. And. Play.

Resulting in a nearly 50-time improvement in both upload and download speed:

After moCA Router Plug-N-Play



Holy crap. That was easy!


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    1. Ha! Sorry! That *was* a bit obscure! Yes! Because of the weak WIFI signal in my office I was getting only a small fraction of the upload/download speed that I’m paying for. With this new router, I’m getting almost the full speed I’m paying for! And the setup was so completely simple, anyone could do it!


    1. True! But the part of the story I didn’t tell is the part where I sweated and cursed in the attic for hours trying to find a way to feed the cable that I ended up hooking the router to down through the wall into my office so I could install a wall outlet and make it look neat and tidy.

      I ended up drilling a hole in the ceiling. 😦

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      1. I can imagine, and it is even fannier, although I know that you felt very opposite to it. Poor Jim, yep, I know this high-tech world is not so friendly for us. I am also hopeless to play with such toys. I always need a help, so I understand you too well. Why didn’t you make a picture about Jim drilling a hope?

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