Memories of Ligea, (excerpt 3)

[Janelle’s Dream, a mad ride]

It is the summer of 1969 and Janelle is a pink and blonde blur as she crests the hill on Temple Avenue and her bicycle begins to pick up speed. A electric thrill shoots through her like the spray of foam topping a surging wave of fear.

In her mind, she hears her father’s voice, “Well you did it today, Janelle. You took one too many chances and now you’ve gotten yourself in real trouble.” But between panted breathes she answers him aloud, “They won’t catch me today, papa. They won’t!”

She bites her tongue and tastes the copper of blood as she flashes past the playground, nearly catching a pedal on the curbing as she streaks through the turn onto Temple Avenue. Just a second behind, Joey and Benny flash past like bicycle banshees chasing her bobbing blonde ponytail, just out of reach, taunting them. She pedals furiously, leaning over the handlebars and catches a glimpse of them when she ducks her head and looks back.  She pumps the full weight of her twelve-year old body with every stroke and stretches away from them down the tree-lined street.


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3 thoughts on “Memories of Ligea, (excerpt 3)

  1. Such a lovely description of a girl on a bicycle! She escaped the trouble, so readers can be calm! Light and sweet piece, it arouses some childhood memories. For example, I don’t know why but I recall my first serious ride on a bicycle, when I was not enough experienced…I was going down the road and forgot where was my breaks (so silly) and just bumped into lamp pole. Fortunately, I didn’t injure myself too much, there were some scratches, but after it I knew where my breaks very well. It’s a very good lesson!

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