Crab Man, Notes

This story started life as scribbles in a notebook around 1989.

Crab Man002

Apparently I kept detailed notes and made a map!

Crab Man001


4 thoughts on “Crab Man, Notes

  1. Wow, thank you, dear Jim! You fulfilled my wish and showed me your written work, wow, it’s so cool! You made a very detailed description even with a map. It shows me that you really explore what you write and try to have a clear picture in your mind. A true author’s sign, I love it! Your handwriting is emotional as you are and it should be! It is a passion, passion for perfect words and images, they should dance together…and you do it great! You are so kind, thank you! As if I peeped into a hole and saw a writer sitting and using his pen as a composer using his stick…

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