Diary of Anne Frank

I wrote this some years back for a production of Diary I was in.


(There is a great commotion downstairs… the sound of glass breaking, a

nd a door being battered open, combined with loud male voices)




(The lights go to black quickly as we hear a door crashing in)


(Lights go up slowly on the empty stage. The scene is in disarray. Chairs are tipped over, furniture is out of place.) MIEP enters holding a jumbled sheaf of diary pages. She walks slowly throughout the room picking up more pages. She picks up the last page DOWN STAGE CENTER and reads it aloud.)


Dear Kitty, Yesterday evening before I fell asleep, who should suddenly appear  before my eyes but Lies! I saw her in front of me, clothed in rags, her face thin and worn. Her eyes were very big and she looked so sadly and reproachfully at me that I could read in her eyes: “Oh Anne, why have you deserted me? Help, oh help me, rescue me from this hell!” And I cannot help her, I can only look on, how others suffer and die, and can only pray to God to send her back to us.

(MIEP places the page neatly with the rest and addresses the audience)


I had gone to the country to find food. When I got back, the block was surrounded by police. They were all taken. It seems strange to say this, that anyone could be happy in a concentration camp. But Anne was happy in Westerbork , in Holland where they first took them. After two years of being shut up in these rooms, she could be out… out in the sunshine and the fresh air she loved. The news of the war was good. The British and Americans were sweeping through France. We felt sure they would get to them in time. In September, they were shipped to Poland. Wives were separated from husbands… sons from mothers… sisters from brothers. In October the women were sent to Germany… Belsen. Those that could walk were marched off as the Germans  retreated.   In January they were freed, the few who were left. The war wasn’t over yet, so it took a long time for everyone to get home. As the trains stopped at each siding and crossing, everyone went from group to group… “Where were you? Were you at Mauthausen? At Auschwitz? At Buchenwald? Belsen? Is it possible you knew my wife? Did you see my husband? My daughter? My son.” That’s how they found out about Margot… and the Van Daans…Peter… Dr. Dussel… Mrs. Frank. But Anne… I still hoped. Yesterday, I went to Rotterdam, and I heard of a woman there… she’d been in Belsen with Anne…


(MIEP looks at the pages in her hands, and pulls one out to read. As she reads aloud, the lights slowly cross-fade down to a glow on her and up on ANNE I, who is now standing on the platform, dressed in a dirty, torn gray dress with a bandanna covering her hair as if she had no hair. She holds a white flower. As the lights fade up on ANNE I  she stares straight ahead and picks up the dialog.


(fading down with lights)

I hope that I will be able to live in a world…



(With MEIP, fading up with lights)

… to live in a world where people are free to be themselves, and that we will be kind and understanding with each… because I still believe, in spite of everything… that people are really good at heart.


(MIEP places the last page tenderly with the others and looks at the audience)


She puts me to shame.


(The lights wink out on MIEP and fade very slowly on ANNE I)




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  1. Yeah and to do this and have an elderly woman come up to you after the show and thank you in a thick Eastern European accent as she pulled up her sleeve and showed the number on her arm.

    Then it kind of hits you.


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