Blackout Writing, 2


Dear Trinity,

I know you weren’t cross about my secret keeping and I was glad, because this secret is one I wanted to tell you in person. But the closer the day came, the more and more nervous I became. Looking in your eyes… I’m blushing even writing this to you, now.

That time I kissed you on the Ferris Wheel, I saw in your eyes – warm brown eyes that seem so deep I can fall into them forever – flashes of passion and pain all stirred together and roiling like a storm. The passion made my heart swell but the pain made it burst.

You’ve told me about the cruel things boys have said to you in the past, how they’ve hurt you, and how some boys have taken advantage of you and made you do things you didn’t feel good about.

I wanted you to know that I love you and want to protect you and do all I can to take the pain of those other things away. If someone has touched you or made you touch them and hurt you, I want to touch you and let you touch me to blot out the memory.

That’s what I’ve wanted to do since I looked in your eyes at the Fair. That’s my secret. I hope I haven’t embarrassed you.



3 thoughts on “Blackout Writing, 2

  1. Wow, speechless for a moment, James! Whoever Trinity is, she is lucky to be protected by that person who thinks of her so sweet! I believe such stories exist in our hearts and souls deeply, and they are afraid to come out to reality, since reality is not that perfect! A wonderfully written piece about something fragile kept away from everyone!

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