2016 Has Been Entirely Owned by Women

(and that’s a good thing)

In our top story:

Jessie Graff

It’s been an excellent year for women, I think we could all agree to some extent, despite our certainly disparate views of superheroes and politicians.

In any case, congratulations are due to this woman, Jessie Graff, for owning this grueling course! The first woman to ever finish the course and she did it in a top 30 time! Awesome! Enjoy!

And I don’t know much about it but 04:27:84 seems like a very good time. I know it would beat my time.

If there ever was a time I attempted the course.

And didn’t die trying.

Which I most certainly would.



2 thoughts on “2016 Has Been Entirely Owned by Women

  1. Not to take anything away from the achievement, but the announcer is way wrong when he says that “ledge is only 1 inch wide.” It looks to me like a standard I-beam, maybe 2 or 3 inches wide. And there’s a bad joke in all this that ends, “That’s what she said!”

    But I’m not going going there!


  2. It blows my mind the way she reverses her grip on those rings with such casual ease. The way she holds herself with one arm almost as if gravity doesn’t apply to her!



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