Work in Progress, Progress

It is the summer of 1969 and Janelle is a pink blur on her bicycle trailing a blonde ponytail as she crests the hill on Temple Avenue. Down the other side, she pedals faster and faster until she can’t keep up and gravity takes over. Just behind her are Joey and Benny, screaming like bicycle banshees, chasing Janelle’s bobbing blonde ponytail.

A bolt of electric thrill shoots through her as she tucks her chin to the handlebars and makes herself as small as possible to the wind. For a moment she feels like she’s falling and in that weightlessness moment the wind in ears takes on her father’s voice, the lilt of it filling her head, a sing-song jibe. Kind and familiar from her youth.

“You’ve done it now, Missy-pants! Look it. Look it, Missy-pants! You’ve gone and left too much to chance.”


2 thoughts on “Work in Progress, Progress

  1. A huge shout out to all the fabulous bloggers out there who inspire me to keep writing, on a nearly constant basis. It’s easy to take that kind of inspiration for granted, seeing how steadfast it is.

    It’s almost like the ground beneath my feet. I just assume it will be there, but I shouldn’t take it for granted.

    I try not to, anyway.

    So, thank you all!

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  2. If you’re keeping track, I’ve rewritten this piece (this section of a piece), about 50 times.

    I believe it gets better each time, I think.

    I was asked once in a job interview if, as a Technical Writer, I tend to use 10 words and 100 drawings, or rather 100 words and 10 drawings. I answered, “My experience of me is that I prefer to “excise rather than incise.”


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