Help Find Sock Monkey’s Banana!


Van Gogh and Mischief 

Sock Monkey ran to catch the bus. He was late again this morning, like nearly every morning, and had been in a sprint since his feet touched out of bed. Now his feet were sprinting down the side walk, and Sock Monkey chased after the yellow school bus that trundled off ahead of him.

Sock Monkey waved his hands frantically above his head as he ran, “Wait! Wait!” he shouted. His book bag jiggled and jumped against his back with every bounding step.

The bus screeched to a stop at the corner and the door folded open with a whoosh. In a flash, Sock Monkey’s blue sneakers landed on the first step as he bounded from the curb. The bus driver grunted and swung the door shut behind Sock Monkey and the bus rumbled down the street, jouncing Sock Monkey as he looked for a seat. Near the back of the bus, Sock Monkey found his friend Finnegee sitting by himself and Sock Monkey dropped into the seat beside him.

“You wake up late again?” Finnegee asked with a smile as Sock Monkey slung his book bag off and laid it across his lap.

Sock Monkey’s eyes opened wide with excitement. “You know I did!” he said. “I stayed up late watching the Revenge Avengers. It was the season finale! Didn’t you? It was awesome!”

Finnegee looked out the bus window. “You know I can’t stay up that late,” he said. Then he turned and smiled at Sock Monkey. “That’s past my bedtime, silly!”

Sock Monkey hopped up and down in the seat. “Great! Let me tell you all about it!” Sock Monkey enjoyed telling his friend Finnegee about his TV shows. “First, you remember from last week that the Revenge Avengers had been taken prisoner by the evil Dr. Dread and were just about to be sealed into the cave in Dr. Dread’s lair?” Finnegee nodded, his chin just moving. Sock Monkey continued, “Well, this week…” Sock Monkey stopped talking and stared at his book bag. His expression was one of surprise and shock.

“What is it?” said Finnegee. “What’s wrong?”

“My, my, my… my banana’s gone!” said Sock Monkey, in a quiet, trembling voice.


And now, you get to finish the story! How did Sock Monkey lose his banana?

Choose one of the scenarios below.

*** 1 ***

He left it on the kitchen counter this morning as he packed his book bag.

[Sock monkey plays with the dog, an alarm, the microwave; he watches TV weather and turns on a radio. Sock Monkey is distracted as he packs. His banana is behind the cookie jar.]

*** 2 ***

He left it on the porch when he stopped to pick up his lunch money.

[Sock Monkey empties the contents of his book bag on the front stoop; an apple, two books, a left sneaker, a rabbit, a bicycle pump, a ball of twine, a can of tomato soup. Coins jingled out of the pocket on the side. His banana tumbles into a potted plant and comes to rest upside down.]

*** 3 ***

He lost it in a mad dash to the school bus.

[Sock Monkey hurdles a fire hydrant and chases his bus down the street. The flap of his book bag is unfastened and his banana flies out and twirls away into the neighbor’s hedge.]


Where did Sock Monkey lose his banana?


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  1. jillianmrks

    I think # 1. If you are going the cautionary tale route. He is late every morning. If there’s a lesson to be taught here (as in many books for children), Sock Monkey needs to get his shit together. An engaging story no matter which way you end it 🙂

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