December 7th, a Tribute


4 thoughts on “December 7th, a Tribute

  1. Today on TV I watched the 1970 film, “Tora! Tora! Tora!” (in commemoration, of course of December 7th, 75 years after Pearl Harbor), and remembered my dad taking me to see this movie when it came to the Tioga theater.

    I also remember seeing 1964’s “Zulu,”
    For years my parents told the story that after the movie when they asked me what I had just seen, I only asked, “Why aren’t those people wearing shirts!” Ha!

    I mean, picture the scene, Michael Caine as a 1860’s British soldier, hundreds of them in a fort, dressed in traditional uniform, jackets, pants, helmet, sword and sidearm, the whole outfit, and the Zulu nation, thousands of them, surrounding the fort, armed only with loin clothes and spears! I was five- or six-year old, apparently.

    I enjoyed Tora! Tora! Tora! It was reasonably accurate and told the story from the American and Japanese perspectives (such as both were in 1964, I mean)!


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