Hello Kitty Gets Fixed

By Jim Noonan

Seals and Croft’s Diamond Girl played on YouTube while he worked. Repairing. Always repairing things. People. Whatever needed it.

And today, H. Kitty was fixed, having lost her cotton candy ball some weeks before Christmas in a friendly tug of war with her brother. A while ago, he knows. Shop hours vary.


He had answered the pleaded can you fix her? with, yes, of course. Of course

He took it to his shop. and it seemed a simple job: just attach the puff to the flanged end of the stick…



… so he just put Ms. Kitty on a shelf for a while.

Shop hours and attention vary.

When he finally did start to work on it, he wasted nearly an hour in failed attempts to fix it, realizing he had the cotton candy inside out!


*literal face-palm*

Once it was right side in, Hello Kitty was fixed in a jiffy!


And she’s waiting downstairs on the girl’s desk wearing the party hat she bought at the Dollar Tree with her Christmas money!

I’d post a picture of that but she, on advice of counsel, is refusing to sign the Consent to Use forms. Sorry!


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