Passes for Work

In most places, disliking cleaning up gobs of toothpaste from the sink every morning makes a dad lazy, but this dad leverages technology and cleverness to spare his elbow grease. Which makes sense at his age. Elbow grease is precious and he wants to keep all it for himself!



Penny Lane

I’ve always loved this song for the image it inspired within me. I found this video and thought it came very close to that image.

Growing up, it was my brother’s album where I first heard this song on (and later recorded to cassette and played on a tape deck between the front seats of a 1978 Toyota Corolla for years). The album had a scratch that skipped from the middle to the end of the fifth verse. I saw the banker sitting waiting for his train, but I never heard what the fireman did in the pouring rain.

Weirdly, even hearing the song today, I anticipate that skip.